Saturday, March 22, 2008

Searching for Homes in the Era of the Internet

Looking at homes for sale via the internet is fun and exciting, at first. After a while, it gets a little frustrating, but you’ve learned a lot. You have a general idea of what homes look like in the area, prices, differences in costs for numbers of bedrooms, baths, size and location, location, location. By the way, you can call our office and have us set up home searches for you that ONLY target your specific criteria. We have a property search system that can organize your search in a very simple manner! You can rate properties as to "Favorites", "Possibilities" or "Rejects". Then we as your agents are getting educated as to your likes and dislikes based on your choices!

Next comes the “real” home hunt. Who do you take with you? If you’re married, you take your spouse. There is always the chance you’re going to find something perfect and you cannot make a decision without your spouse. Well, you can…but you’ll pay later. If you’re a couple, then take your partner for the same reasons. If you’re single and using your own money, then take a friend whose judgment you trust. Give thought to whether you should take a parent (smile). Oh yes. There is one other person you take along with you (hint, hint) – your experienced, capable, professional, friendly neighborhood REAL ESTATE AGENT.

This message is provided as a public service by The HBH Group, the premiere real estate group in Round Rock and Georgetown Texas. Contact us through our websites at: and or call our offices at (512) 439-3772 or toll-free (877) 268-1877.

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